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Our scope of work for the project:

1.) clean out the entire building, broom sweep; remove all debris and remove all damaged sheetrock and dry wall in walls or ceilings; remove all old or damaged insulation in walls and ceilings; remove all switch and plug covers and all old light fixtures; remove all interior doors; remove any damaged trim and base board; treat for mold, mildew and stains; exterminate entire building. This should take six men four days and two to three dumpster hauls. Total labor $2880 and dumpster pulls ($1,000) chemicals and treatments 900.00, etc


2.) patch and repair any and all damage to existing dry wall (walls and ceilings); tape, skim coat, sand and finish all rooms: 13 bedrooms, four bathrooms, one kitchen, one recreation area, two hallways, two attic areas, plus three apartments to include five bedrooms, three kitchens, three living rooms, three bathrooms; labor and materials six men 20 days $14,400 plus $5,000 in materials to include insulation of walls and ceilings


3.) prime and paint all surfaces (walls and ceilings); 4 men three days ($1650) plus materials ($2500)


4.) replace all switches, plugs and fixtures in each room and throughout building to include smoke detectors, fire

extinguishers; 3 men three days ($1500) plus materials ($1500)


5.) install new carpeting and retreat for for pests, insects, etc.; labor and materials carpet and padding.


6.) install new electrical panel to include breakers if needed and ensure all wiring is up to code and working; install smart wiring when possible; install gfi in kitchen and bathrooms. 2 men 5 days ($1600) and materials ($1500) $3100.00

7.) install all new cpvc water supply and waste lines as needed in all bathrooms and kitchens; to include water heaters and laundry. 3 men 5 days ($2400.00) and materials $3,000


8.) install all new fixtures in bathrooms to include: toilets, sinks, vanity, tubs/showers; install all new tile for

walls and floors in bathrooms as well as gfi outlets and mirrors and lighting and shower curtain rods; 28 man days $4,480 and materials ($5,250)


9.) install new kitchens in main house as well as the three apartments to include sink, cabinets (wall and base),

counter top, flooring; install outlets, switches and fixtures; 3 men 3 days ($4320) and ($10,000)


10) ensure all hvac vents and ducts are clean and working; ensure hvac systems are in good working condition; labor

and materials fixed price


11) install all new interior doors to include closet, bedroom and bathroom doors; 3 men three days ($1080) materials



12) install all new exterior doors to include security doors and as appropriate storm and or bars; install bars on

first/ground floor windows and apartments; and one patio sliding glass door. 2 men 5 days 1500 and materials



13) ensure all smoke detectors and fire alarm system/sprinkler system is in full working order and tied in with

local fire department or security company; $10,000

$12,000.00 fixed price

14) install kitchen and common area flooring, tile and/or carpet; main two floors and three apartments to include

rec area $6000 fix price


15) install passive solar system on roof and ensure the wiring has smart wiring when possible (see above).

$10,000 fixed price

16) install appliances to all four kitchens and washer/dryer to all four areas.

$8,000 fixed price

17) install proper size energy efficient water heaters; ensure all utilities are in good working order and inspected

and approved;

$6,000 fixed price

18) refinish all exterior decks to include repair, power wash, strip, stain and seal etc.

$2500 fixed price

19) ensure all work is up to code and iaw with DCRA building permits, etc.

$5,000 fixed price

20) install security fence black iron with security system.

$25,000 fixed price

21) install playground for kids.

$12,000 fixed price

22) install parking area in back within fence with gate.

$5,000 fixed price

23) landscape entire site.

$7,500 fixed price

Project costs will also include monthly mortgage, taxes, insurance, interest at $7,000 due Sept 1st. and another payment of $2000 due Oct 1st. Utilities will run about 1500 for the job and to get utilities turned on.

Total estimated project cost comes to $184,000.00

We have asked for 100,000 from Home Depot Foundation. We have a commitment from Coalition of America’s Heroes for $50,000. The balance will come from Vietnam Veterans Foundation, the Circle of Friends and two or three other supporters plus some help from the local Home Depot here in DC. I am confident that we can cut some of the costs even further if necessary. We are committed to completing the project and completing it by end of Oct at the latest.