The National Association of Concerned Veterans is a 501 (c)(19) vets service organization established in 1968 to provide combat Vietnam veterans and their families with comprehensive readjustment and support services. Today NACV provides comprehensive wrap around services, ie education, health, housing, employment training and placement, economic stability and advocacy to our nations’ veterans and their families regardless of discharge status and era of service, active and reserve.

The National Association of Concerned Veterans in partnership with VSOs, faith & community Based Organizations, has developed several programs aimed to comemorate those deceased veterans and offer services & comfort to their families.

NACV, in partnership w/federal and local agencies and CBOs provide comprehensive housing services to veterans and eligible members to include emergency, supportive, transitional and permanent housing. NACV’s objective is to provide housing counseling in all aspects of housing: acquiring, maintaining, renovating, renting, leasing and selling houses to eligible veterans and members with special attention to female vets with children.

The National Association of Concerned Veterans in partnership with government agencies, think tanks, educational institutions, stakeholders and the Veterans community provides information, research, best practices, positions, recommendations and testimony in order to provide solutions that manifest results at each level of service and care. This effort is housed at IGU under the Executive Management Services Institute

The National Association of Concerned Veterans’ “Community Engagement and Community Involvement” Initiative is an effort to build and establish formal collabor ations with other agencies, departments, and groups, ie private, corporate, public, institu- tions and VSOs on behalf of veterans and their families.

The National Association of Concerned Veterans in partnership with corporate stakeholders provides insurance and economic benefits to members or their dependents, to include credit union, small business, entrepreneurism, incubator and financial planning and dental/medical discounts.

The National Association of Concerned Veterans provides comprehensive readjustment, transition and re entry support services through its Great Expectations Model. GE includes outreach, assessment, case management, wrap around services, education and jobs training and placement, mental health, emergency assistance, life skills, EAP and the TOUCH Initiative. These services are holistic and include long term maintenance, continuing education and follow up.

The National Association of Concerned Veterans’ “Warriors After Service Project” provides Veterans with after service support to the families of those who have been wounded, injured or lost their lives while serving their country.

The National Association of Concerned Veterans promotes the social welfare of the veteran community through community engagement programs and community involvement social activities. NACV sponsors and participates in activities of a patriotic nature which support the democratic process.

The National Association of Concerned Veterans “Great Expectation” program is an 8-12 week program that addresses all aspects of re entry and re adjustment to include: housing, employment, health and mental health, parenting, life skills, economic stability, socialization, spirituality, and case management, long term growth and development and provides long term support and follow up case management at no cost.