About US

The National Association of Concerned Veterans (NACV) is one of the oldest active veterans service organizations focused on Vietnam vets initially. We have been operating in the DC Metro area since 1972.

Our organization has operated in the District since 1972. There are an estimated 40K veterans residing in the District of Columbia. If you add to this number spouses, parents, children and grand children this number would easily approach one third of the District’s citizens or 200,000. These men and women have served our country but continue to lack the support services necessary to ensure their successful re entry into our communities. The plight of DC veterans is even more difficult because residents in the District of Columbia lack Congressional voting representation.

NACV is narrowing its focus to primarily DC. We believe our country has not taken care of its veterans adequately. The District of Columbia has not taken a stand for its veterans, in spite of the fact that for many years the District had the highest per capita veteran population in the country.

The organization began its focus on readjustment through housing, employment, training and re entry in the District. From 1978 to the present we have trained and employed thousands of veterans in the areas of weatherization, housing rehab, construction, energy conservation, solar and other alternative energies, environmental clean up services and remediation, cable television service, construction, recycling, and demolition. We have partnered with the Department of Labor, Environmental Protection Agency, CSA, Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and numerous other federal agencies.

NACV and its partners have been awarded contracts with DOD, GSA, DOL, NIH, EPA, SBA, CIA, SSA, USDA, Navy Yard, and numerous military installations.



We are located in

4850 Jay St. NE
Washington, DC 20019
202 680-3142