We provide comprehensive readjustment, transition, and re-entry services to as many veterans as possible each year.
Cecil Byrd, our Executive Director along with the Board, has designed a comprehensive re-entry model that we recommend
every veteran go through. It is designed to prepare a veteran, in six to twelve weeks, with all the resources and linkages
(i.e. education, training, and awareness) to develop and implement a solid successful re-entry plan.
The plan addresses mental health, education and training, employment, housing, socialization, relationships,
family, economic development, life skills, benefits, health, spirituality, and values. The program also provides
for case management, tracking, follow up and EAP using the TOUCH program.

Great Expectations provides rehabilitation, vocational training, substance abuse, and sobriety. It provides
for a seamless transition into civilian life from the military, focusing on the wounded warrior. Our goal is to
lead them to become wounded healers and link them with the Veterans’ Administration as well as other community,
government and civilian resources and services.